Spec Homes

Lemar is ready to offer the best professional service to materialize a construction project.  In this case through our Spec Homes, we offer a finished residential product ready for your living enjoyment.


We are constantly designing and building new residential projects located in the best neighborhoods with the best services and almost immediate availability. 


Our projects consist of exclusive homes with unique style and details that you can only find in houses designed by experienced and talented professionals.

Custom Homes

Lemar Design and Construction is recognized for the high quality of its projects, both in the design and construction stages. 


The project can be developed in the client’s own lot or in one proposed by our office.  


The design of the new home is based on satisfying the needs of each client, with the professional advice of our experienced workforce.

Remodeling Homes

Our company has proven successful experience in the design and execution of Remodeling and Addition Projects. 


We take into account the client’s needs and requirements, while conducting an exhaustive study of the current conditions and characteristics of the property to remodel. 


This is how we make sure that both components, the existing and the new, come together in harmony for a final result in line with today’s architectural trends.

Commercials Projects

We are continuously designing and building new commercial projects in the Rio Grande Valley area.  Our projects have a unique style and architectural design that you can only find in an office or retail space designed and built by an experienced architect and construction team.


Lemar offers you the best professional service to make your construction or remodeling project a reality:

  • Design and construction of a commercial project.

  • Finishing an existing building.

  • Remodeling existing building.

Current Development of Dr. Alfredo V. Gonzalez new Medical Facility!  Fully managed and coordinated by Lemar Design & Construction, this project has propelled wonderfully!  

Construction Management